The Safe Clip™

The Safe Clip™


Safe, versatile, and convenient, The Clip™ will change the way you tie your horses. Designed by horsemen with years of experience training horses, The Clip™ is designed to help safely tie horses that tend to pull back or panic when tied. The unique design provides resistance while allowing a release of pressure, so that a panicking horse can calm down while remaining safely tied.

Not only can The Clip™ prevent damage to property or injury to horses, but it is extremely convenient! Just a quick pull of the rope adjusts the length, and you can easily clip and unclip your horse without having to tie a single knot. You can also use The Clip™ to hang water buckets or hay nets, while camping or showing, and in the trailer.

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 The Safe Clip’s Mission - To allow a horse to move and feel a relief, not release of pressure while remaining safe and securely tied

How to Use The Safe Clip™

A pliable 1/2” to 5/8” synthetic lead rope is recommended. Cotton ropes are woven too loosely and may snag or catch when pulled thru the Adjustment Position.