History of the Clip

Designed by horseman, for horseman

Designed by horseman, for horseman


Bill Ramberg, owner and creator of Smart Tie Products grew up with horses, learning valuable horsemanship and training lessons from his father Dan Ramberg. Bill states that “as people that grew up in a horse industry, my dad [Dan], Mark Peterson, and myself recognize that there was a growing problem when people would tie their horses.” The problem was that if a horse pulled back while tied they could break the halter, lead rope, damage what they were tied to, or worse - injury themselves. Bill also learned from his father that recognition is the first step to solving a problem.

Dan taught Bill to never tie a young training horse. Instead, he taught Bill to simply weave the lead rope through the bars on the front of the stall 2 to 3 times, so that they would be a little drag on the rope. If the horse got scared they would then be able to move their feet a little and not feel trapped. Working with the horse’s natural instinct, fight or flight, rather than against it.

 When Bill developed Smart Tie LLC with Dan Ramberg and Mark Peterson, their mission was to make a product that was easy to use, portable, affordable, and worked with the natural instinct of the horse.

 After 3 years, and 5 different prototypes. Smart Tie introduced The Safe Clip!

Later, Smart Tie introduced the TetherRing to help make The Safe Clip more portable. Today we now felt two different sizes including the 10” and 20”.

 In addition to owning Smart Tie Products Bill and his wife Ingvill Ramberg own and run Woodloch Stables in Hugo, MN, where our office is located.  Bill makes certain everything runs smoothly, trains horses from the round pen to under saddle, and is also famous for making his own ground hay! If you don't see Bill on the farm, you will most likely see him at events demonstrating The Safe Clip and Smart Tie Products!

 Smart Tie’s Mission – Our WHY

  • To provide safe, easy to use, affordable, and convenient products to help horseman and women effectively tie their horses

 The Safe Clip’s Mission

  • To allow a horse to move and feel a relief, not release of pressure while remaining safe and securely tied


  • To safely tie each and every horse in the world

Dan Ramberg Memoir


Dan Ramberg founded Woodloch Stables, and helped develop The Safe Clip with his son Bill Ramberg.

Born in St. Anthony Village, MN on December 23, 1934
Died at his home in Hugo, MN on April 12, 2018

Dan Ramberg taught people many life lessons through horses. Be aware. Be humble and fierce at the same time. Don’t worry about what other people think about you. Be your own person. Don’t put off ’til tomorrow what could be done today. Know what you want, and how to achieve it. Never give up.

Whether people remember him for his innovative Roman riding performances, his infectious laugh and (oftentimes dirty) sense of humor, his knack for telling captivating stories, his outspoken yet effective teaching style, or his passionate leadership in the horse community, Dan will always be remembered as a man who inspired generations of people to take the reins and ride through life’s greatest adventures.

Thank you for everything, Dan. You are missed.