Uses of the TetherRing!

There are so many uses of our 10” and 20” Tether Ring! Here are a few of the uses we use our TetherRing for. Comment below to share on some uses you have used out TetherRings for!

High Line

The Tether Ring allows you to be able to easily use your Clip on a high line keeping your horse safe while you camp and travel.



Use a bolt swivel eye snap hook with The TetherRing to allow your Clip to be able to spin and swivel!

Swivel photo.jpg

Hang up buckets!

Use a double sided snap clip to the Tether Ring and bucket to easily clip and move your bucket around!

Cross Tie

Use the TetherRing to create Cross Tie set up and to use The Clip in more places!


Around anything!

The long TetherRing (20”) can be used to wrap around anything such as a pole, tree, you name it! Increasing your options on where to tie and use The Clip!


Clean up around the barn!

The TetherRing can be used to organize and clean up around the barn! One example is by simply wrapping the 20” long TetherRing around a hose rather than just around the hook preventing it from it falling off.


Comment below on what you have used your Tether Rings for!

To try some of these in your barn or with your horses, try our Tether Ring Pack!

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